Special Features

  • Front manual Loading feature for syringe loading
  • Microprocessor controlled syringe pump
  • Compact size
  • Automatic detection of syringe capacity
  • 24″ TFT Color LCD Display (Pixel 320 X 240)
  • Universal KB interface for Easy operation & selection
  • Modification of set parameter can be possible, without Infusion stop
  • Infusion can be started using one key only
  • Priming available to remove the Air bubble
  • Flow rate from 0.01 ml/hr to 1200ml/hr within a seconds
  • Option to Use Last Therapy
  • Available Modes:
    1. Quick Start-safe Mode
    2. FR/VTBI mode
    3. Infusion Time/VTBI Mode
    4. Body weight/VTBI Mode
    5. Sequential Mode
  • Three Option for KVO/KOR selection
    1. Disable
    2. Automatic
    3. User Selectable
  • Manual and Automatic BOLUS Volume selection facility, for fast delivery of drug
  • Two option for BOLUS RATE selection
    1. User selectable
    2. Default BOLUS RATE
  • Large Big ‘RUN’ indicator to conform the Drug infusion
  • Accepts syringes of 5ml/10rnl, 20mI/30ml, 50ml/60ml capacity
  • Table top and IV pole mounting available
  • Battery Li-ion backup 6hrs @ 5ml/hr
  • In-built Antibolus system which reduces the pressure in syringe and the extension line on occurrence of Occlusion
  • Available Syringe disengaged Alarm
  • Internal malfunction alarm
  • Nurse Call (Optional)
  • Multiple pump stacking (max 4) on a pole with single power cord (Optional)
  • RS232-C port for communicating with single syringe pump (Optional)
  • RS485 port for communicating with multiple pumps (Optional)
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pusher Protection Guard

User Selectable Special Functions

  • Option to Use Last Therapy
  • Quick Start-safe Mode
  • FR/VTBI mode
  • Infusion Time/VTBI Mode
  • Body weight/VTBI Mode
  • Sequential Mode: User can set three different infusion parameter
  • Drug library – list of 84 drugs
  • Frequently used drugs can be short-listed
  • Password protection for flow rates higher than 200ml/hr
  • Target time setting
  • Anti-bolus facility for preventing the excess infusion
  • User selectable infusion rate or time
  • Key lock for flow rate during infusion
  • KOR(KVO) Enable/Disable function and delay time is 1 to 5 minutes
  • Stand by function
  • Master Preventive maintenance alarm
  • Reduce backlight option to save the battery during night time
  • Auto-off option

The company's strong and consistent focus on research and development will continue to fuel the pipeline of new ideas and innovations.

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